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One Hot Night at the Veggie Bar
A Collection of Funky Food Art
Steamy Stories
Sandra Marshall

$21.95, 50 page hard cover first edition

The flirty and fun adventures of food art, cleverly sprinkled with play on words, make plant-based eating more attractive than ever. Catch all the dirt in One Hot Night at the Veggie Bar. Sweet, sassy, super steamy stories compliment the pictures that will make your cells come alive! You won’t look at your food the same ever again.

Sandra Marshall has been an artist as long as she can remember. A New York native, Sandra attributes much of her artistic passion to childhood trips to New York City where the art and culture is never ending. She became accomplished in a variety of media including oils, pastels, acrylics, mixed media, photography, (and food) and later earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in education with the emphasis on art education/painting.

Before having a family, Sandra co-created an inventive company in Italy called Porta a Porta, which means door to door in Italian. Sandra would bring aspiring artists from the United States to Italy, and under her instruction, the students would learn to paint. Her business combined painting and cooking classes as they were surrounded by the stunning Tuscan hillsides.

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New Release
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Creating Iridium
How a Remarable Team
Made Space History
Durrell Hillis

$19.95, 408 page perfect bound edition

CREATING IRIDIUM describes how a wife's simple question led to a brilliant idea that turned the space industry and mobile communications literally upside down. An interlinked network of 66 satellites providing communication to every spot on the globe was unthinkable, world wide operating licenses were believed impossible to attain and raising billions of dollars from 17 international companies seemed beyond the reach of a small division of Motorola that was considered a bit player in the space arena.

Despite overwhelming odds the Iridium team threw away virtually every standard practice in the space industry, created new models for manufacturing and mega-project management, produced a satellite a day, put 72 satellites in orbit in 13 months and completed the $5b system on schedule and on budget.

From the KGB agent hired as a consultant to Iridium to Osama bin Laden's brother as an Iridium, Inc board member to the author's surreal experience of being in the Russian ICBM factory and given a camera to take pictures four weeks after seeing the outside of the factory in a highly classified meeting at the NRO, the story of the creation of Iridium is an inspiring look at how a remarkable team of teams' passion to do the impossible resulted in one of the great technological achievements of our time.

After a system lifetime lasting 10 years beyond the expected, the widespread and growing number of benefits of Iridium to the world continues with the replacement of the original satellites by Iridium NEXT beginning the second half of 2016.

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New Release

“Marion Weinzeig’s book is not just a revelation but a monument to Marion’s skills of research and investigation of her stolen, robbed, murdered past. She is the only one I know, after all my research, who was actually born in a Nazi Occupied Ghetto and was saved and lived in the occupied zones all of her actual childhood from birth to liberation from a Displaced Persons’ camp. “Children Survivors” are considered “All” those who were born after the Nazi rise to power in 1933 and were 17 before the war ended in 1945. Miryam actually spent her birth & childhood from January 1941 to May 1945 under the Nazi terror. Her recent book of May 2016, recounts all the facts from those who personally knew her birth and childhood in fact, whom she found after the year 2000 through countless trips to Poland with detectives and researchers whom she found and paid for to help her. Her book will become a classic of Holocaust literature.”

—Albrecht Lohrbacher was Superintendent of Public Schools in Baden Wurttemburg, Germany , who supervised 150 teachers of religion for 30 years. He is responsible for a 30 year sister-city relationship with Ramat Gan Israel, that he created, and he has dedicated himself to fighting anti-Semitism in Germany and around the world.
$16.95, Soft Cover, 200 page perfect bound first edition

Lonely Chameleon is the autobiography of Marion Weinzweig, one of the youngest living witnesses to the horrors of the Holocaust. Born into a Jewish family in a German-occupied ghetto in Opatów, Poland in 1941, Marion describes what happened to her as a very young Jewish child during one of the darkest times in history. She gives a harrowing account of her family’s struggle to survive, although most to no avail.

  In a desperate effort to save 18-month old Marion’s life, her family “gave” her away to a Christian couple. Just a few days afterwards, the Germans liquidated the Opatów ghetto, forcing her family, loved ones, friends, neighbors—everyone—into cattle cars and on their way to certain death in Treblinka. 

  Marion was safe with the Christian couple only temporarily. Once neighbors grew suspicious of the young child, they snitched to the Germans that they believed the couple was harboring a Jew. Marion was then forced to flee to a convent, masquerading as a Catholic orphan. She spent the next few years there, alone, suffering in frightened silence.  

Marion shares what life was like as a child in hiding and the aftermath of the war years in a DP camp in Germany, until finally making it to Toronto. She shares eye-witness testimony to being Jewish during WWII through the eyes of a small child who lived in constant fear, doing whatever possible to fit in and go unnoticed…a little, lonely chameleon.

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